Piglet anti-crushing system

AirPig Anti aplastamiento

Piglet anti-crushing system

Airpig is the best ally of work in pig production farms since it complies with the basic principles of animal welfare and is in charge of supplying the rancher to watch during the first days of suckling piglets to avoid crushing losses, causing He can spend his time on other important tasks on the farm.


High Effectiveness

95% Reduction in piglet casualties due to crushing of their mother.


Low Maintenance

As it practically does not depend on mechanical elements, the maintenance to be carried out is minimal.


Eassy CleaningĀ 

Made of Stainless Steel and Plastic. Materials resistant to the aggressive environment of a farm.


Total Funding

We offer full financing of the product, with monthly installments of lower cost than the amortization of not suffering losses of animal life.

Saving the lives

of the piglets
for their exploitation

Always, a real and common problem in pig production farms has been the mortality of piglets being crushed by the mother herself.

In fact, assuming that in Spain we have an estimated 2.2 million productive sows, there are 15% of piglet losses during lactation on average, of which 60% of losses are due to crushing according to current statistics, we have an estimated amount of 6.7 million piglets crushed per year, and the economic losses that this entails.

Thanks to the concerns of the Pellicer Sorolla family from Valderrobres, a traditional livestock farmer, and after more than ten years of experimentation on their own farm, they developed and patented a system capable of significantly reducing these losses due to crushing, which helped them to win the Porc D’Or Zoetis Prize for Innovation in 2018.

Subsequently, thanks to the development ofĀ Chemik Company, a very effective and robust solution has been developed to combat this problem that greatly affects breeding pig farms.


Farms that are pioneers in its use have expressed their satisfaction with the results of AirPigĀ® as they have managed to reduce the number of piglets crushed by up to one piglet per birth on average.

AirPigĀ® allows the discovery of the real productive potential of the sows during lactation. In addition, the more piglets a sow has during the lactation of her first farrowing, the more milk production is stimulated for future farrowing.


This fact is indirectly related to a decrease in the need for adoptive wet nurses, which also generates an increase in the production speed of the sows, resulting in a higher number of farrows per sow per year.

Finally, the best advantage of all is that the AirPigĀ® system, apart from being cost effective, offers a lot of peace of mind for the farmer.


A Compressed Air network made up of plastic pipes, Polyethylene, with Stainless Steel fittings along all the walls of the pig farm, leaving intakes with closed valves at each maternity point.

The AirPig equipment will be placed in the required maternity point and set aside when it is no longer needed in that place, leaving the space free for the growth of the piglets.

We recommend leaving the equipment installed for the first 5 days of the piglets’ life, as this is the critical period when the lowest are registered in the lactation period, since the piglets are not yet accustomed to the behavior of their mother.

If you do not have a ready-made compressed air network installation on the farm, we take care of it so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

How does it work?

AirPigĀ“s motion sensor detects when the mother gets up.

The system automatically blows compressed air into the crush hazard area.

The piglets, being uncomfortable due to the air flow emitted by AirPig, move away from the air action zone and therefore from the danger zone.

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